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Discover the Heart
Behind Atlas

Our Core Values

At Atlas Yoga & Movement, we value GROWTH, BALANCE & AUTHENTICITY

We support your GROWTH in your individual journey through self awareness and the courage to explore your body & mind through physicality.  Grow your mindfulness, confidence, inner freedom, creativity, patience, compassion, empathy and knowledge. 

We believe a healthy life starts with BALANCE. When we are in alignment with all the aspects that make us uniquely human , we can tap into joy & clarity in our actions & self expression.

We step into authenticity when we are true to ourselves.

We share ourselves wholeheartedly and with AUTHENTICITY, shedding the layers of expectations of others and those we've placed on ourselves to reveal our genuine spirit.

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Trina Shumsonk

Owner, Atlas Yoga & Movement
RYT 200, SPRY Method, Barre

Trina’s background as a professional dancer, actor & choreographer lead her to Yoga. With over 20 years of teaching experience, she strives to bring joy & empowerment to others through movement! Her years of experience & training in several movement modalities keeps her classes grounded and fresh.

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